12th Muttenz Marathon cancelled

Dear friends of the Muttenz Marathon, dear running friends

Herewith we inform you that we have to cancel the 12th Muttenz Marathon on April 26th, 2020 for this year due to the given reason.

Postponement is not an option

A postponement to a later date is out of the question for us for the following reasons:

  • A date for postponement is hard to find. Whether the event can take place then is also very uncertain and hardly predictable.
  • An eventual further postponement would mean enormous additional work for our small volunteer OK team and would involve further avoidable costs in addition to the expenses incurred so far.
  • In the tightly packed event calendar in our region, we would like to avoid date collisions and thus not unnecessarily compete with other, already planned and firmly scheduled running events. We are for a togetherness and not for a competition.
  • None of us is an expert to judge the current situation correctly. We humans have to learn to deal with such situations, even if they are very unpleasant and drastic for everyone, and ultimately draw the right lessons and conclusions from them. Rather we all look forward to a great 12th Muttenz Marathon reloaded next year on April 25, 2021.

We are once again very overwhelmed by the numerous registrations for the Muttenz Marathon and would like to thank you for your registration and your trust in us. It was already foreseeable that we would have set a new record for participation this year as well.

Further procedure

Although we had hoped until the very end that we would be able to run the Muttenz Marathon this year, we had already thought about how we would proceed if we had to cancel the Muttenz Marathon. Even in such times, we and our timekeeping association yourtiming are anxious to offer a quick, pragmatic and accommodating solution to the already registered runners who have paid the entry fee. Starting tomorrow we will send a corresponding reply form by e-mail, on which you can choose between three options:

  1. The entry fee can be retained by the Muttenz Marathon and I hereby register bindingly for the Muttenz Marathon on April 25, 2021.
  2. I would like a full refund of the entry fee already paid.
  3. I will donate my entry fee to the Muttenz Marathon Association and help to cover the loss from the expenses already incurred for the cancelled Muttenz Marathon.

We believe that with these choices we can meet every wish of our participants.

Orders for T-shirts and beanies

Those who have ordered T-shirts and / or beanies from us can also tell us if they want to keep the order or prefer a refund for the amount already paid.
Beanie and T-Shirt are neutral and have no imprint of the year of the event. We will offer the same shirt and beanie to our participants for purchase next year as well.
The ordered shirts and beanies will be sent to you by mail after receiving your confirmation at the end of April.

Thank you very much!

We would like to thank you runners, our helpers, sponsors, the community of Muttenz and all those who support the Muttenz Marathon in any way year after year. We hope you understand that we have to cancel this year’s Muttenz Marathon under the given circumstances. We hope for numerous registrations and your valuable support in the coming year as well.

The important thing now is to be able to win this battle against the virus as soon as possible. In these difficult times, show true sportsmanship, stay calm and show solidarity with each other.

In the meantime, we are preparing the 12th Muttenz Marathon reloaded, looking ahead and looking forward to welcoming you next year on April 25, 2021.

In this spirit we wish you good health, all the best and see you soon.

Your OK Muttenz Marathon
Miriam, Bruno and Ivo

At www.laufkalender-nws.ch you can always keep up to date about the running events in our region.

Among other things, we recommend you to participate in our partner run, the Chrischonalauf in Riehen shortly before the summer holidays on June 24, 2020. You can find the flyer for the run here: Flyer Chrischonalauf 2020