New running offer for kids and juniors; Muttenz rennt!

The 29th of April 2018 is getting closer and already in less than 100 days the start for the 10th Muttenz Marathon takes place.

In addition to the fact that we were able to redefine our spring run over the classic distance of 10 km just in time for the 10th jubilee, we are now particularly pleased to announce that we have integrated a children’s and junior run into the program of the Muttenz Marathon.

So one of our wishes comes true that on the occasion of the Muttenz Marathon all generations, large and small, can start and participate in a run. In addition to the athletic ambition and the sporting achievements, the joy of movement and the fun of running is the most important thing.

Under the patronage of Infrapark Baselland AG

We are very happy that we were able to win Infrapark Baselland AG, a 100% subsidiary of Clariant, as a strong partner for the patronage of the kids and junior run.


The Infrapark Baselland is strongly connected with Muttenz and the Region of Basel. It is the perfect location for industrial companies who are engaged in research, development and/or production, especially those in the chemical and life sciences industries. Situated in the Basel region at the junction of three countries, Infrapark Baselland provides the industry with a comprehensive range of services and 32 hectares of outstanding developed real estate.

Many companies in the chemical and life sciences sectors are already located on the Infrapark Baselland and benefit from the location and its services.

We would like to express our sincere thank you at the Infrapark Baselland for the forward-looking commitment to the children and young people as patronage sponsor of the kids and junior races.

You can Register for the following kids and junior races from now on immediately:

Race routes Age restrictions Start times Disance Fee
Kids run 2009 und jünger 13.30 Uhr 0.8 km CHF/Euro 5.00
Junior run 2008 bis 2003 13.45 Uhr 1.5 km CHF/Euro 8.00

The runs are divided into the following categories:

Kids run:

  • MU8, MU10
  • WU8, WU10

Junior run

  • MU12, MU14, MU16
  • WU12, WU14, WU16

Die Online-registration ist bis am 26. April 2018, 08:00 Uhr möglich.

Late registrations

Late entries are possible for the kids and junior runs without extra charge