Spectator information

The school house Margelacker is the start, pass through and finish and the pulsing heart of the Muttenz Marathon.


Our refreshment tent with fine grill specialities from our main sponsor, Jenzer Fleisch und Feinkost AG, is also situated in the area around the school house Margelacker. There are different sausage specialities, steak from the grill, diverse drinks and a coffee and cake buffet. “Es het solangs het“ (as long as they last) you can enjoy some refreshments for a reasonable price and quench your thirst.

Connection of the start and finish areas from the viewing spot on the Plateau Rütihard

With the new route through the Rütihardplateau, it is easily possible for accompanying persons and spectators to see the runners at multiple spots to cheer them on. A short Sunday walk can certainly not damage anyone, and should you feel hungry or thirsty as a result, on your return you can revive yourselves in the refreshment tent.

On the map below you will find the shortest connection between the start and finish areas and 5.2 km point at the half marathon and marathon, as well the 26.3 km point of the marathon, at the Rütihard. (Marked in red dashed line). The footpath takes about 10-15 minutes which, after start or transit, you will have plenty of time to meet your runner at the Rütihard again. Alone the leisurely walk is well worthwhile to cheer on the runners, most appreciative of every cry of support. To enjoy the beautiful panorama, equally so. Most of the start numbers will be labelled with first names. Call their names when you cheer them – they’ll be especially grateful for the additional kick as they approach the pending mountain climb to Schönmatt…

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